My Dual Mission:

Working in the Best Interests of People and Communities


A Superior, Ethical Real Estate Approach

A great real estate professional knows they operate on the pulse of the market, that is why I approach home valuation with my knowledge of financial planning and mortgages.

I make a conscious daily effort to be an outstanding, high-performing and relationship-driven Realtor.

I aim to be fair and cooperate fully with other agents, mortgage banks, and industry professionals so we can settle on a win-win deal for everyone.

You are welcome to ask agents, brokers, and clients why they choose to work with me.


Neighborhoods: Economic, Social & Environmental Sustainability

As a creative problem solver, I stand with active participants in the local community to promote economic, social and environmental sustainability. Cultural inclusivity is celebrated here! I believe firmly that we must have foresight about how business and policies affect the long-term livelihood of the neighborhoods we work in, live in, and serve.