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Direct Local Exposure

Sell, Fast…


Multiple Listing Services (MLS) - I will fully utilize the MLS platform. This is by far the best option for exposing your home to hard-working agents from various real estate companies who are already working with qualified buyers

Never Office Exclusive - Unless specifically requested by the seller, I will never place the house as an OFFICE EXCLUSIVE listing. An office exclusive listing drastically reduces exposure as other agencies on MLS will not see your home instead it will bring more commision to the listing agent

Online Exposure - I will place your home in every conceivable and relevant online portal to expose your property to as many market participants as possible. Expansive exposure will, in the long run, provide the best opportunity for the best price

Direct Local Exposure - I will place a For Sale sign on your property, conduct open houses and contact local community members directly to inform them about your home. It’s a perfect opportunity for someone to tell a family / friend hoping to move into the neighborhood

Staging / Professional Photos - I will work with you to stage and highlight your home’s strengths and get it ready to appeal prospective buyers


Any agent that is dedicated to cooperation allows you as the seller exposure to a large pool of qualified buyers in the market.

  • Commissions (mine or others’) will never be the driving force in working with anyone, including agents. The commission is already established so there is no need for agents to engage in these conversations. Instead, we should focus on the needs of our clients
  • I will always fairly compensate cooperating agents from other agencies that bring in buyers
  • Every agent will be given fair treatment even if there was an unpleasant experience with he/she in the past. Personal grudges are not in the best interest of the client
  • If you as the seller agree, I will allow other agents to present offers directly to you, giving the agent a chance to showcase their buyers qualifications and story


Excellent Customer Service


  • I will always use smart technology to provide you with excellent customer service
  • I will have open lines of communication with you throughout the entire process, and explain all industry-related terminology and concepts as needed
  • I will thoroughly review every buyer’s qualifications in order to ensure the final transaction will go seamlessly. My previous experience as a loan officer will be of use for this part of the transaction.
  • I will apply my 20 years of sales experience to negotiating on your behalf
  • Once we are in the contract stage, I will coordinate with all professionals involved and stay on top of the process until the final closing stage of your home

Working Together

For Your Best Interests

Working With You, For You

  • Maintaining clear, two-way communication is essential to our goal
  • If you as the seller agree, I will allow other agents to present offers directly to you, giving the agent a chance to showcase their qualifications and story
  • I will notify you of all available offers
  • I'm NOT playing a dual role of a investor / real estate agent. When an agent plays this dual role do they really want to fully expose your home or are they just trying to get a deal?